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Fostering & Adoption Medical Reports

Our fostering and adoption health assessment experts provide in-depth medical reports on potential foster carers and adopters, based on the completed AH form and any other medical information provided. All medical reports are prepared by adoption and fostering specialists from general practice backgrounds as we find GPs to be particularly well-suited to assessing a carer’s health.

Our medical advisors assess each case individually, taking care to fully understand the health information provided before specifying any risks or concerns. We understand the importance and impact of making the right decision and want to give you the best support we can.

Thousands of fostering and adoption cases have relied on the medical advice provided by Orr Medical. This has given us a level of experience in these matters that is difficult to surpass. We hope this gives you confidence in the service we provide.

Find out how Orr Medical can assist in producing fast and accurate medical reports for fostering and adoption agencies